Thursday, April 23, 2009


I know you're ready for me to get out of the Psalms blogs. I understand. But I want the journey transcribed from my terrible handwritten pages. So, I may as well pass the journal on to you as well. Bear with me for just a few more.

106. Lord, may I never forget how your hand has been upon my life all through the years. When my pathway is difficult, remind me that Your presence which stayed with me in the past will sustain me now and in the future.

107. God, I call out to you with a heavy and desperate heart. Bring my ship to safe harbor. Heal me up so that I can once again go out into the deep waters where significant kingdom growth happens.

108. "Every cloud's a flag to Your faithfulness." Lord, remind me of your faithfulness every time I look into the sky.

109. Lord, please step in and do a miracle. Demonstrate that You are at work.

110. Father, I praise you for your Son Jesus. I lean on the promise that You are always true to Your word.

111. Lord, I give you praise for Your great works, Your splendor and beauty, Your generosity, and Your miracles.

112. May my home be filled with those who live upright lives. And may my home be filled with Your favor and blessings. And may we show our thanks to You by demonstrating generosity to others.

113. Everywhere I go may praise be on my lips from the time I get up till the time I go to bed.

114. Lord, keep me ever mindful of Your presence around me. Remind me that You are in charge.

115. Lord, this psalm reminds me of Warren's words that begin The Purpose Driven Life--"It's not about you." Lord, it's all about You, not me. May my life be a 24/7 sacrifice of worship to You.

116. God, I know that in spite of difficult circumstances, You are gracious and compassionate. You shower me with blessings.

117. Lord, You are always faithful. I give You praise. May I allow Your love to take over my life.

118. God, You are my only refuge. I feel hemmed in from every side. Grab me, O Lord. Rescue me with Your everlasting love.

119. Lord, in Your great love revive me, so I can alertly obey Your every word. I'm your servant--help me understand what that means. Invigorate my soul so I can praise You well. Use Your decrees to put iron in my soul.

120. In the midst of trouble I cry out to You, O God. Give me discernment with those who smile on the outside, yet whose hearts are divided.

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