Thursday, April 23, 2009

Risk and Change

True story--Church consultant Bob told how he had spent the previous 15 years at one of the largest and most innovative churches in the country. He noted now open to change the church was in its early days. But when the church grew to multiple thousands in a short period of time, it became almost impossible to get them to consider any big change. Everything was too risky or too expensive. Or there was too great a chance of losing a lot of members. The result? They talked issues to death and just made incremental changes, never considering anything significant.

Just the opposite of this mentality is a church that I have followed for a few years. Outreach Magazine has classified Granger Community Church as one of the most innovative and fastest growing churches in America. Their mantra has become, "What does God want?" before asking how much it costs or how many people they will lose.

I love the following statements their senior staff team composed. These statements reflect their approach to decision-making and long-range planning.

  • We will not be the team that is afraid of risk.
  • We will not be the team that doesn't listen to the voice of God because we are too tuned in to the whining of people.
  • We will not be the team that leads a church so big and flabby that it is impossible to move.
  • We will not be the team that misses the wave of God's Spirit because we are conducting a risk management assessment ad nauseum.
  • We will not be the team that keeps waiting for the right time to lead the church to the next challenge.

Admittedly, our staff team is a little gun shy right now. But my prayer is that God will give us this kind of courage while at the same time be caring shepherds that will lead the church family on the journey.

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Anonymous said...

What a great post. God does amazing things when we do not try to put Him in a box. It is okay to think outside the box and be creative.