Thursday, May 21, 2009


Here is my chapter by chapter journal through the book of Hebrews.

Hebrews reminds us that "religion" is a bad thing. Back then the problem with religion was that it was Jesus-and-Moses or Jesus-and-angels. Today the problem is Jesus-and-education or Jesus-and-Buddha.

  1. We often forget that Jesus has always existed. Through Him, God created the world. He perfectly mirrors God. He is God.
  2. When Jesus died, He destroyed the Devil's hold on death and freed us from the fear of death.
  3. The people of God were not allowed to enter the Promise Land because they turned a deaf ear to God. God, may that not ever be today. May we always listen and follow.
  4. When I go through difficult seasons, it sure is comforting and encouraging to know that Jesus walked the same roads. And I can go straight to God's throne and know I can talk to Him.
  5. One of my onging prayers is that every CBC member will become mature, solid-food Christians.
  6. God expects every Christian to move out of the shallow waters and get out into the deep waters of spiritual maturity.
  7. What makes Jesus different from all the other priests? His priesthood is eternal. He doesn't have to offer sacrifices for His own sin. He gave Himself as a sacrifice, once and for all.
  8. The new covenant through Jesus Christ makes it evident that God is not after religious duty and behavior. He's after the heart.
  9. 9:23-28--among the most powerful verses in the Bible. Excellent explanation of the sacrifice of Jesus and why He died on the cross. What makes Jesus different from all the rest? Just read it for yourself.
  10. Eugene Peterson (The Message Bible) gets an A+ for his explanation of what Jesus did on the cross. In the verses 11-18 paragraph, he writes, "It was a perfect sacrifice by a perfect person to perfect some very imperfect people."
  11. In the "heroes of the faith" chapter, I want it to be true of my faith what is said about Moses. His faith wasn't detracted by obstacles. Instead, "He had his eye on the one no eye can see, and kept right on going."
  12. Great section on God's discipline. Never fun. But if you let God do His work, there is a handsome payoff.
  13. 12:18 hit home with me. I have no doubts about the direction I'm going and why. But it's hard. And I need as many praying for me as possible. My greatest desire is to live well before God.

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