Thursday, May 28, 2009


Here are the rest of my learnings from the book of Proverbs.

16. Verse 13--I'm grateful that God has placed some men in my life who love me enough to tell me the truth.
17. The "acceptable" sin in church seems to be gossip. But Proverbs would beg to differ.
18. Amen and amen to verse 22. "Find a good spouse, you find a good life...." I hit the jackpot with the spouse I found. Anita is the best!
19. Helping the poor is a value taught all through the Bible. Verse 17 teaches that helping the needy is like loaning to God. He will repay. So helping those on the margins of society is a kingdom investment.
20. Verse 18 is a great leadership verse. The leader needs to seek counsel from others, set the agenda, and get all the help he can get.
21. More good leadership principles: Make sure God is controlling the direction of the vision (v. 1). Always be ready for the worst, and trust God to bring the victory (v. 31).
22. This chapter introduces thirty "sterling principles" to live by. I've never tried counting them out, but The Message Bible separates and numbers them. They go through Chapter 24. Examples: Don't take advantage of the poor. Don't hang out with angry people; don't gamble.
23. Anita and I are extremely proud of how our three sons have turned out. All three are uniquely gifted and they love Jesus--that's the main thing. And we pray they stay on the "straight and narrow." (verses 22-25)
24. To work through a church crisis requires strategic planning. To be victorious requires a lot of good counsel.
25. There is a lot of value in doing positive things to your enemies (verse 21-22).
26. More picturesque truths about gossip. Listening to it is like eating cheap candy (v. 22)
27. Proverbs has a lot to say about friendship. Verse 10 tells me not to bail on a friend when things are tough for him. The corollary is important too. If I'm going through tough times, I trust my friends won't bail on me.
28. My prayer--Lord, help me lead your people down the right path (v. 10).
29. The effective leader always reports the good things God is doing. If the people can't see the positive things, they will stumble (v. 18).
30. The leader must never allow emotions to get the best of him (verses 32-33).
31. Yes, a good woman is hard to find. But, thank God, I found one...and the best one at that!

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