Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Here is my chapter-by-chapter journal through Ecclesiastes that I wrote at the end of 2008. This is a book about trying to find meaning to life through money, sex, power, adventure, and knowledge. Sounds like a recent publishing release, doesn't it? Apart from God we are totally incapable of finding meaning to life

  1. It is humbling to know that I can strive to be successful; but when I'm gone, I won't be remembered.
  2. Reminds me of the bumper sticker-"I'm out spending my children's inheritance." Solomon wonders about the validity of hard work and making lots of money if all you're doing is leaving it to others after you die.
  3. This chapter reminds me of a common way people mishandle the Scriptures. Just because Solomon says something doesn't mean he's right--just because "it's in the Bible." He says everyone--man and animal alike end up as dust; so we should just live it up. I don't think that's the philosophy of life God intended for us.
  4. One life principle Solomon had a great grasp on--the importance and value of meaningful relationships.
  5. Don't worry about how long you will live. Just live every day to the fullest with great joy. Every day is a gift.
  6. If you need an encouraging word, stay away from Chapter 6. Solomon must have eaten too many tacos the night before. He may have been a wise man. But I wouldn't want him counseling my children at this stage of his journey.
  7. What did Solomon mean by, "Crying is better than laughing"? We learn more about life, and our spiritual roots go deeper in life's trials versus life's pleasures.
  8. I disagree with Solomon's assessment that you can never figure out the meaning of what God is doing. Certainly His ways are beyond mine. But I believe we can understand and even join Him in what He is doing.
  9. Seize life! These are great words of exhortation. How do we seize life? One way is to relish life with your marriage partner. I'm eternally blessed by a wife that I enjoy doing life with.
  10. Here's a great rule for life: Never use your tongue to degrade people.
  11. I love this chapter. Enjoy every day to the fullest. Follow the impulses of your heart. Be a blessing to others.
  12. Although Solomon has presented some questionable statements, his final analysis hits the bull's eye: "Fear God. Do what he tells you."

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