Thursday, June 18, 2009


Here are the rest of my journal entries in my read through the book of James.

  • 2:18--2008 Chapin translation--"You take care of the GoodWorks project, I'll go to the Bible study--not good. It's all about application."

  • 2:18--Faith is not faith unless it is working. Separate faith from works and you get a corpse.

  • Ch. 3 (sorry, I didn't write down the specific verses from here on out)--

  • Those who teach are held to higher standards.

  • How I use my tongue is my choice. Will I use it to edify, encourage, and bless, or will I use it to tear down, gossip, and curse?

  • What does it take to be a man/woman of wisdom? Holy living, getting along with others, gentle spirit.

  • Ch. 4 and 5--Quarrels start because people want their own way.

  • Flirt with the world and you'll become God's enemy.

  • The best way to get on your feet is to get down on your knees before the Master.

  • Dabbling in sin will destroy you.

  • When Christians argue and fight, God is the one who takes a beating.

  • If you know the right thing to do and don't do it, it's sin.

  • I must be cautious of complaining against someone because a far greater complaint could be lodged against me.

  • Make it a habit to always speak the truth. That way you never have to remember what you said.

  • Pray, pray, pray.

  • Don't ever give up on someone who has wandered from God.

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