Monday, June 22, 2009

Leading Children to Christ

Last week Virginia Wallace, our Director of Children's Ministry, shared some exciting news with me. We have about 25 kids that have made spiritual decisions recently and want to take the next steps of baptism. That's awesome news. But she really got me pumped up when she told me about a new ministry she is implementing to counsel with these children.

When a child makes a decision for Christ, Virginia and her staff will plan a meeting of the children with their parents. The parents will be trained a very simple way that they can lead their children to Christ. The training materials have proven to be successful in many other churches. Sometimes the parents themselves end up receiving Christ through this process.

As I shared in my sermon on Father's Day...there is no higher calling of a Dad than to disciple his children. What our children's ministry is implementing is a giant step forward in helping dads and moms assume responsibility for their children's faith journey. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE talking to children about Jesus and leading them to a decision to accept Him into their hearts. But what excites me more is the ability to equip parents to lead their children to Christ. Can you think of anything more moving than to hear someone say, "My dad/mom led me to Christ"?

Way to go, Virginia! As we implement this process, let's pray that every parent will respond and that families can be spiritually transformed as a result.

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Ken - at the play (The King and I) Saturday - the Kings makes the comment that he is in charge because he is "King" - James (5) turns to Tiffany and says "..he's not in charge Jesus is in charge..duh..." :)