Monday, June 15, 2009

People Who Have Mentored Me

One of the leaders of Campus Crusade at Clemson back in the 60s started a Clemson Campus Crusade for Christ Facebook group. What a great way to re-connect. Howard, the guy who got this thing going, asked how we found our way to CCC while in school. Who influenced us? Who mentored us. His question got me reminiscing about those who have been great mentors to me. So, let me take a couple of blogs and tell you about friends and family who have mentored me and then well-known leaders/authors who have mentored me.

I would be remiss if I didn't start by talking about my mother and grandmother. They both had a huge godly influence in my formative years. My mom who made sure I was fully engaged in church and who modeled how to get along with people. My grandmother who taught me the importance of prayer and digging in the Word. It was my grandmother who, after I publicly announced my call to ministry, informed me that she had prayed every day of my life that God would call me to preach. (I didn't have a chance!)

Charlie Edmonds was my Royal Ambassador teacher for years. He would pick me up every Thursday evening to take me to RAs. He'd pick up several guys along the way. We all rode in the back of his pickup truck (it was safe back then). He modeled patience and consistency.

Lee Taylor is a fellow I grew up with in Anderson. We both went to Clemson. He got his life in spiritual order before I did. He invited me to a CCC Bible study that he led. That was a key turning point in my life. Lee discipled me faithfully.

Charles Fant was my best friend in high school. We were roommates for four years at Clemson. He actually is the one who talked me in joining him by going to Lee's Bible study. He has been a great influence in my life for many years.

And then there was C.W. Farrar. He pastored FBC of Landrum, SC, for many years. I'm not sure where his passion began, but he took a lot of interest in many of the Clemson Crusaders and mentored us. I was on the path to becoming a career staff person with CCC. But I remember C.W. very vividly planting the seed in my mind, "You know, Ken, the world needs some good pastors." The second sermon I ever preached was in his church on a Sunday night. It was on 1 Timothy 4. Later that night I remember him sitting down with me and critiquing the message. The next day he took me to Columbia where we stayed a couple of days for the state evangelism conference. He was one of the two pastors who officiated our wedding back in 1976.

Who has mentored you through the years? Maybe a better question is: Who are you mentoring?

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