Saturday, July 18, 2009


Here are some gleanings from my read through 1 John.

God and Love cannot be separated. If you want to deal with God the right way, you have to learn to love the right way. If you want to love the right way, you have to deal with God the right way. In John's three letters he shows how Jesus provides the full and true understanding of God. And Jesus shows us the mature working-out of love. With all the various belief systems in Ephesus (where John was headquartered), John had a full time job keeping Christians focused on the real Jesus and His way of love.

  • 1:4--Helping others find true joy should be a leading factor in generating joy in us.

  • 1:5--Any message I deliver should certainly come from Christ. It must be His message.

  • 1:7--True community comes from believers walking in God's light.

  • 1:9--One of the greatest verses in the Bible. Genuine confession of sin leads to God's forgiveness and cleansing.

  • 1:10--To say that we have no sin shows how ignorant we are.

  • 2:1--Jesus solved the sin problem.

  • 2:6--Do you live like Jesus did? That's the litmus test on if you really have an intimate walk with God.

  • 2:15--Love for the world squeezes out love for the Father.

  • 3:1--I'm a child of God--that's awesome!

  • 3:2-3--Here's something else that is awesome. One day I will see Jesus and I'll be just like Him. That's double awesome!

  • 3:14--What is the evidence that you are saved? Love for others.

  • 3:16--God calls us to love others sacrificially.

  • 4:10--Sin damages my relationship with God. But thankfully God loved me and sent Jesus as a sacrifice to clean away my sin.

  • 4:11-12--God's love for me should motivate me to love others.

  • 4:21--Christ's command is simple. Loving God includes loving people. You must do both.

  • 5:11-12--One of the simplest, yet profound statements in the Bible--"God gave us eternal life, the life is in his Son."

  • 5:13--Yes, you can be absolutely certain that you have eternal life.

  • 5:14-15--One of my favorite prayer promises.

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