Sunday, August 16, 2009


I promise I know the books of the Bible by heart. But somehow I skipped over 1 and 2 Peter in my blogs. I blog an OT book, NT, OT, etc. Anyway I need to back up a little and write on some insights through my 1 Peter read from the Message Bible.

Chapter 1

  • We all should be "on assignment by Jesus."
  • Believers have everything to live for and a future. And the future begins now.
  • Faith is proven to be genuine during times of suffering.

Chapter 2

  • Are there areas of my life where I need to invite God to do a clean sweep?
  • If you're a Christian, you have a "before and after" story to tell. So tell it every day and everywhere.
  • This world is not my true home.
  • Lord, let me know when I need to speak up and defend and when I need to shut up and let you make things rights.

Chapter 3

  • Great words for couples. Be a good husband. Honor your wife. Be a good wife. Respond to his needs. If things aren't right at home, your prayer life will be messed up.
  • Christ coming to this earth was not an afterthought. God had it planned all along.
  • Believers should love one another as if our lives depended on it.

Chapter 4

  • Think like Jesus thinks.
  • Suffering positions us to have the freedom to pursue what God wants and not what we want.
  • Be quick to give a meal to the hungry--the verse says nothing about whether the person is deserving or not.
  • Love goes a long way. Love as if life depended on it (I believe I just said that in chapter 3).

Chapter 5

  • As a pastor I must never lose sight that sheep must be tenderly led and not bossily told what to do.
  • God takes great delight in just plain, simple people.
  • The devil loves to catch you napping. He's always ready to pounce on you.
  • God always has the last word.Peter had key people around him to multiply his ministry--like Silas and Mark.

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