Thursday, September 17, 2009

If You Could Start a Ministry...

We had a great session last night with the young leaders' class Anita and I are facilitating. We watched Jim Mellado's interview with Catherine Rohr from the Leadership Summit. Catherine gave up a lucrative salary in New York to go to Texas to begin Prison Entrepreneurship Program. I've witnessed her testimony twice live and twice on video. I get choked up every time.

After the video I asked the class this question: If money and other factors were no obstacles, what ministry would you like to start? We went around the circle, and it was stirring to hear the responses, many of which were stemming from their own personal experiences. Here are some of them:

  • Sports clinics/coach at Dept. of Juvenile Justice
  • Rehab center for drug addicts
  • Support group for parents who have had children to die
  • Helping women who have been released from prison to get back on their feet
  • Program to help veterans access all the benefits that are available to them
  • Helping young couples with financial planning and budgeting

I should have written them all down. The neat thing about this discussion is that I could tell each of them was feeling a stir in their hearts. And they kept going back to the first week's talk on holy discontent. It is evident God is moving in their lives and that transformation is taking place.

This class is one of the big highlights of my week.

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