Thursday, September 24, 2009


Did you know Jeremiah is the longest book in the Bible? But you thought Psalms was the longest? Count all the words yourself and see. I'm taking Dr. Huey, my seminary OT professor, at his word.

Jeremiah's life and his book are one and the same. We live in very troubling times. What we're going through is nothing new. During these times we like to find wisdom, strength, and help through someone who has been there and who has a biblically-based worldview. Jeremiah is that person.

The main message of the book--If you don't change morally, God will let you crash. In a way Jeremiah was a failure because he didn't receive the results he wanted. But he was a success because he did what he had to do.

Here is my chapter by chapter journal, reading through the Message Bible.

  1. It still amazes me to ponder that God had plans for me long before I was ever born.
  2. It's not a wise thing to walk out on God.
  3. Jeremiah preached a scathing message to Judah and Israel--outright calling their sinful rebellion prostitution--leaving the true God for makeshift gods. Certainly there is a scathing message to today's church as well.
  4. God never goes back on His Word, whether it's about judgment or blessing.
  5. Sometimes God needs to do some pruning of His people to get their attention.
  6. Verse 10 really hit me. God says, "I have something to say. Is anybody listening?" I wonder what He has to say about Chapin Baptist. And are we listening?
  7. A worship center is just a building unless God shows up. And God shows up only where people are willing to do a thorough spring cleaning of their lives.
  8. Oh, that every pastor (me especially) would be heartbroken and grief stricken over the spiritual sickness of His people.
  9. There is one acceptable basis for bragging--that you know God, period.
  10. God loves to be worshipped. It is His very nature to be worshipped. Look at verses 6-7.

More to come from Jeremiah.

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