Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Name Will Be Pops

I know many of you heard the great news we received last weekend. Kevin and Erin are expecting. Translated, Anita and I will be grandparents for the first time. Due date is in April. Anita has been pumping for this since spring of 2008 when Kevin and Kenny were married. I've been pumping for it to; but I've kept it on the inside.

Kevin and Erin were very creative in telling us. Anita was suspicious; I was dumb (typical male). They invited us to dinner along with Erin's parents, Waring and Tami. Before dinner, Kevin mentioned that they had stopped by the Rivalry shop and bought us something for the upcoming football season. He handed Anita a bag and Tami a bag. Inside was the cutest Clemson infant outfit. Dumb me I still didn't get it because I couldn't tell what Anita had pulled out of the bag. But when she started screaming, it became obvious very quickly.

I know they will be great parents (as will Kenny and Jamie, and Tyler and ??).

Several years ago Kenny started calling me Pops. Kevin and Tyler picked up on it. So for me, I want my grandchildren to call me Pops. I guess I have a choice in this matter.

Thank you for sharing our joy. Pray for a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

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Anonymous said...

Ken you will make a great Pops. Congratulations to you, Anita, Kevin and Erin.