Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sick Preaching

These days you never know what the word "sick" means. Sick usually is not a good thing. However, if a student or 20-something says, "Pastor Ken, your message was sick today," I'm going to hug him because that was a huge compliment.

But going back to the traditional definition, last Sunday I woke up sick. I tossed and turned all night. I just figured it was all my muscle aches from practicing softball on Saturday because, believe me, I was in pain. But I got up Sunday morning and was going over my message and began to wonder if I was running a fever. Sure enough it was 100 on the button.

What to do? I don't recall ever having to call in sick on a Sunday morning in all my years of ministry. (I think maybe I had to carry my in-labor wife to the hospital on a Sunday morning.) I wasn't about to do so Sunday. Anita tried to convince me otherwise. I alerted Pastor Rick just in case. So, yes, I showed up for church on Sunday sick.

It never ceases to amaze me how God works. When I feel the worst or when I know I'm not as prepared as I should be, that's when God seems to work the best. There's a word for that--it's called grace.

Sunday was an awesome day of worship. Yes, the resurrection of our Lord sure makes a tremendous impact on the past. My past is forgiven. And I believe Sunday, the Spirit was truly moving as people moved forward to lay their past, their hurts, habits, and hangups at the foot of the cross.

I love it when God shows up. May it be every single time we gather.

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