Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Getaways at Home

Every staff pastor loves to get away for a few days in a retreat/conference setting just to get refreshed, challenged, and re-ignited. The conferences I have attended through the years have been life-changing for me. But when the economy spirals downward and budgets shortfall, we're not able to get away as much as we'd like.

Thankfully, technology allows us to tap into learning environments from our home base. Don't get me wrong...there is something special about experiencing a conference in the flesh. There is something special about literally getting away for a few days of learning and growth.

Anyway, let me share a few quotes from the recent Innovation conference in Dallas (quotes gathered in my office getaway conference).

  • "I've noticed an interesting quality in leaders...that is, they are absolutely, completely, willing to fail....They're willing to try things that others have never tried."
  • "The only thing standing between you and the next level of ministry success might be a failure, where you learn something. Don't be afraid." (Craig Groeschel)
  • "We've pimped the second commandment. We define neighbor as 'someone like us'...When Jesus said to love your neighbor, He wasn't saying to love someone just like you." (Dave Gibbons)
  • "When you look at your much [money] goes toward innovation?" (Dave Gibbons)
  • "If the church doesn't change, we are going to die. All over the country, churches are closing their doors because their people are unwilling to change." (John Jenkins)
  • "If we continue to do what we've always done, we will never get what we've never had." (John Jenkins)
  • "First Baptist Glenarden has grown from 500 to 10,000 people since they made the switch from 'doing church work' to 'doing the work of the church.'" (John Jenkins)
  • "Innovation is not a sound bit, is not a gimmick, is not a stroke of luck. Sustainable innovation is imperative because of the Gospel. It's a reflection of the nature of God, who from the very beginning has been about creation and renewal." (Nancy Ortberg)
  • "We have to get better at inviting the next generation [leaders] onto our team." (Nancy Ortberg)

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