Thursday, May 7, 2009


Drum roll...Here is my last entry on my journey through Psalms.

136. Your love, O Lord, never quits. Your love for me has been evident from my earliest childhood memories through today. And I know You will love me tomorrow too. Thank You.

137. Lord, I long for the days when CBC was clicking on all cylinders. The body was unified. Great things were happening. Restore us, please.

138. I echo David's prayer--Keep me alive in the angry turmoil. Finish what You started in me. Don't quit on me now.

139. God, You are all-knowing, all powerful, and everywhere present. Search my heart through and through. Point out anywhere in my life that I have gotten off track. Break me in any area where I need to be broken. And lead me exactly where I need to go.

140. God of mercy, Strong Savior, protect me during any conflict I face. Minimize and squelch anyone who stands in the way of Your kingdom advancement.

141. Father, may my times alone with You and may my times of corporate worship always be like sweet incense rising to You.

142. What a beautiful picture this psalm portrays when David was at one of his lowest points. Father, I long for the day soon when "your people will form a circle around me and you'll bring me showers of blessing!"

143. Father, wake me up each morning with the sound of Your loving voice, and may I go to sleep each night trusting in You. Teach me how to live to please You.

144. Lord, send a great harvest at Chapin Baptist. Fill our church with huge flocks.

145. God, You are great and most worthy of praise. You are the God who does what He says, who answers my prayers, who gives me a fresh start, and who is super-generous.

146. Lord, when we face budget cuts, it is very easy to focus on praying for You to send those with financial means to our church. But, Lord, remind me also that You are the God who takes the side of orphans and widows.

147. God, I know You are not impressed with big churches, titles, square footage, and portfolios. But You are impressed with those who fear You. They are the ones who can depend on Your strength.

148. Almighty God, You spoke and the world came into existence. Through Your word You set everything in its place.

149. Hallelujah! What an awesome way to start off a psalm. Lord, I need to introduce more aspects of my life with Hallelujahs--when I begin to write a sermon, before a meeting, when I get out of bed, when I get into bed, when I step into the door from work. May all of my life be one big Hallelujah!

150. What a great way to end this marvelous book of the Bible--Praise! May all my worship, may all our worship result in genuine, vibrant praise.

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Do All Dogs Go to Heaven?

Last Saturday night Anita and I had the awful experience of deciding to put to sleep one of our dogs. Friendly, our Brittany Spaniel, was 14. We came home from shopping on Saturday and noticed that she couldn't get her breath. She had short spells like this before. But this one she couldn't overcome. We took her to the emergency clinic, and after hearing various options of procedures that may or may not work and seeing the huge price tag just for the first stage, we both decided it was time to euthanize.

Kenny and Tyler came down and saw the shape she was in and agreed that she was suffering too much. Anita, Jamie, and I stayed in the room and watched the procedure and cried our hearts out.

If you've owned dogs, you know they become a part of the family, don't they? We knew this day would come; but we still weren't prepared for it.

Believe it or not, one of the common questions I'm asked is: Do dogs go to heaven? According to the movie, all dogs go to heaven. But my official response can be summarized in three words: I don't know. On the other hand, my personal opinion says there will be dogs in heaven simply because heaven is such a wonderful place. And dogs provide us so much joy on earth. So, why wouldn't God allow them to be in heaven?

If our pet dogs go to heaven, I believe Friendly will be there. She had her salvation experience very early. When we installed Invisible Fence...well, let's just say it was a drastic, overnight conversion experience for her. Before Invisible Fence, she was headed toward the "weeping and gnashing of teeth" place. But after the Fence, she was a changed dog. She was low key and never bothered anybody. She'd bark at passersby and dig up flowers and knock the gutter extensions off the main units. But to my knowledge she never bit anyone or attacked other dogs and she was very easy to get along with. So, maybe she will be in heaven. I hope so.

Do dogs go to heaven? Will there be sex in heaven? Are the streets really made of gold? Will heaven actually be on earth? Will we see loved ones in heaven? Let me close by telling you the best book on heaven I've ever read is by Randy Alcorn. It's called...Heaven. Read it for yourself. I promise you it will change some of your long-held perceptions. It answers all these questions and a bunch more. In fact, after reading it, you may even say, "God, why do you still have me here? I'm ready to go!" Check it out.

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