Monday, June 1, 2009

More Dog Stories Coming

Last weekend was filled with key events. It started with our trip to Chapin High School for Class Day--the day where the seniors leave their last will and testaments. Back in 2002 Kevin SURPRISED us with a Boston Terrier puppy we named Bruno. Bruno has provided me with a wealth of sermon illustrations. I still have a scar to prove it.

Friday, Tyler willed us another brand new puppy--a Golden Retriever. The boys had already given him a name. So I look forward to including Jimbo in some upcoming sermons. Maybe I can blog some pictures.

Later that Friday we were able to surprise Tyler (he knew it was coming but didn't know when) with a 2004 Tacoma pickup to replace the beat up 1994 truck that got him through high school. (We've got the old one for sale if you know anyone interested.)

On Saturday evening Anita and I came to the Southern Gospel concert at the church. Man, our people have talent! How humbling, however...after it was over. I had about 15 people with the gift of encouragement (including Anita) remind me that I am the odd man out when it comes to pastors being able to sing. I hate to admit it; but I agree.

Sunday was eventful as well. If you missed our worship, you missed a great experience as our student ministry led the services. Stuart's message was powerful; and the students who prayed, sang, played in the band...were exceptional.

While we were worshipping, REFUGE (the church Kenny is planting) was having a red-letter day. They had their first baptism service (13 baptized I believe) and their highest attendance ever (88)! God's hand is upon them.

Sunday afternoon was Kevin and Erin's first wedding anniversary. And we also celebrated Doug's 24th birthday.

And one final highlight was the Baccalaureate service at the Methodist Church. I had the assignment of preaching. I chose a text in Acts 17 in which I challenged the graduates to become "troublemakers" for Jesus. Spasmo Kelly, on his way to the platform to introduce Cadie Lee, who shared her testimony, tripped over the first platform step and fell flat on my face. Check with Mayor Stan if you want a picture of that to use against me in the future. Anyway we had a good laugh and moved on. (But oh the damaged pride.)

A lot of excitement for one weekend. But what a great one it was!

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