Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Here are some thing God taught me in my recent reading through the book of James. This book is a brutal reminder that churches are filled with sinful people. Pastor James deals openly and honestly with the issues. Known as "camel knees" for the calluses formed on his knees for his many hours/years of praying, James teaches that prayer is foundational to wisdom.

  • 1:2-4--Trials from every side are gifts from God. I need to let God do the shaping in my life that He wants to do.

  • 1:9-11--Great insights on prosperity, especially in light of the economic downturn. Prosperity can disappear overnight.

  • 1:13-15--Interesting take on temptation. Doesn't come from God. According to these verses, the temptation comes from within us. We become victims of our own lust.

  • 1:19-21--Key to spiritual growth and maturity. Let God landscape you with His Word.

  • 1:22-24--Another key--applying the Word.

  • 1:26-27--True religion--reaching out to the poor and rejected and staying clean from the corrupt world.

  • 2:1-7--Racial prejudice and neglecting the poor are two things God hates. We should too.

  • 2:8-13--I'm grateful God is sending Black and bi-racial families to our church. And I am grateful that we have built (not completely there yet) a culture of love and acceptance.

  • 2:8-13--If I don't commit adultery but I do show favoritism to the rich, I'm crazy if I think the two balance out. No, I'm a man guilty before God.

  • 2:17--"God-talk without God-acts is outrageous nonsense." In other words, it's all about application.

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