Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beach Reading--Axiom

Outside of great time with family, one of the things that I enjoy the most about vacation is sitting on the beach or by the pool reading. One of the books I gulped during the week was Bill Hybel's Axiom. It's the best leadership book I've read in a while. I encourage every leader to pick up a copy and read it. I love the length of chapters (2-3 pages). I'll probably take 2-3 blogs and pull some of the leadership axioms that stood out to me.

Axiom 7: An Owner or a Hireling: Paul owned the vision God gave him even though he faced much persecution because of it. He didn't take a hireling approach to what God called him to do. The greatest determinant of whether followers will own a vision is the extent to which they believe the leader owns it. If the leader sacrifices for the vision, the people will also. If you are half-hearted about the vision, that's the heart the people will have.

Axiom 10: The Value of a Good Idea: Even though CBC is going through some seasons of struggle, through the years God has done a marvelous work. And whatever successes we've enjoyed can point back to a good idea. The first mission trip to Brazil, a good idea. Clothe-a-child, a good idea. Starting the Child Development Center, a good idea. "Leaders traffic in idea creation. The best leaders I know are ferociously disciplined about seeking them out and incredibly committed to stewarding them well." We need to be reminded that to have one breakthrough idea, you have to allow for hundreds of mediocre ideas.

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