Thursday, July 30, 2009

Axiom (2)

I'm posting a few blogs from Bill Hybels' book Axiom.

Axiom 16: Six by Six Execution--I liked this one so much, I've started to practice it and have challenged our pastors to do the same thing. Basically, this axiom asks the question, "What are the six most important challenges I can focus on over the next six weeks?" There is nothing magical about six weeks. What this principle does is help you get targeted and focused on the things that will bring the greatest return. In our staff meeting this Monday, we plan to share with each other the six challenges we will focus on.

Axiom 49: Is It Sustainable?--I guess we all learn this axiom the hard way. Any ministry idea that is proposed should pass a couple of obvious criteria. First, does it advance the kingdom of God? Second, can we effectively launch it? These two are all well and good. But the third question is one I have learned the hard way. Is it sustainable? Sometimes ministry ideas fail because they are unsustainable. What makes this difficult is that sometimes the idea appears to be sustainable, only later to find out that it actually is not. For example, the Edge service we started a few years ago. Great idea for the kingdom. We launched it; but we were not able to sustain it. On the positive end, Clothe-a-Child. Good idea for the kingdom? You bet. Could we launch it? Yes. Sustainable? So far, so good.

Axiom 62: Never Beat the Sheep--Wow! When problems arise in the church, the leader's natural reflex is to beat the sheep. "If they would have just...." Or, "If they could only get it...." If things aren't going well, the leader needs to put down the stick and ask himself, "Have I served the sheep well?" I've been asking that of myself a lot lately. As Hybels writes, "A word of loving admonition every once in a while might be appropriate, but put the stick away. Permanently."

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