Thursday, September 3, 2009


Here is part 2, chapter by chapter journal through Isaiah.

16. Pride leads to downfall to nations as well as to individuals.

17. When a crisis hits, "things" really don't impress us as much.

18. God sometimes has to prune to accomplish His purposes.

19. Another Eugene Peterson specialty regarding God's judgment on Egypt. They will be like "hysterical school girls screaming...."

20. Sometimes God asks us to do things we don't understand (as in He asked Isaiah to walk around naked). Laugh all you want, but God really asked him to do it and he did--symbolic lesson that Egypt would be laid bare and judged. (I wonder if I would be obedient on this one.)

21. When you're going through dark days, hang on. Morning will come.

22. Not every day is celebration day. There are occasions when mourning is the proper response.

23. When we think of prophecy, we think of the amazing prophecies of the coming Messiah. We tend to forget that the Bible also has prophecies of God's judgment on wicked nations in the Old Testament, each one fulfilled just as described.

24. Why will the nations be judged? Because God says so. Period.

25. God likes for us to show Him off. He loves to hear the words: "This is our God."

26. Churches need to do a better job of "throwing wide the gates" so that more people have access to the good news of Christ.

27. What evidences do you show that God has removed your sin?

28. How does God measure? Two key qualities: justice and righteousness.

29. We Christians know how to say the right things, but do we really mean them?

30. Strength comes from settling down and completely depending on Him. Ouch! Does this mean I don't have to fix everything?

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