Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Here is the final segment of my chapter by chapter journal through Isaiah from the Message Bible.

46. God will keep carrying me when I am old and gray. I'm appreciating this promise more and more these days.

47. Don't ever think that sinful behavior escapes the notice of God.

48. God is always refining us--for His own sake He puts us through the fiery furnace.

49. Verses 5-6 really spoke to me in an area of personal ministry struggle--just caring for the flock is too small a task. God wants us to go global because we are to be a light to the nations.

50. What is the number one thing that keeps us from the blessings of God? Sin. Not God. But our sin.

51. Why should I fear when life seems to be tanking? Have I forgotten that God is in control?

52. Sharing the good news of salvation is always a beautiful thing.

53. The most powerful prophetic description of Jesus' suffering. And to think that God had the cross in mind all along.

54. "Make your tents large. Spread out! Think big!" I believe that is God's message today to every local congregation.

55. God's Word won't return void. You've probably quoted that verse before. Do you know where in the Bible it is found? Right here--Isaiah 55:10-11.

56. God designed His house to be a house of prayer for all people. We focus on the "prayer" but forget "all people."

57. God wants us to run to Him for help. But our cries for help must come from genuinely repentant and committed hearts.

58. Is Sunday a business as usual day for you? You'll never be free to enjoy God with that kind of pace.

59. "There is nothing wrong with God; the wrong is in you."

60. In this chapter God gives a glimpse of what heaven will be like.

61. Jesus quoted the first verses of Chapter 61 in His first recorded sermon in Luke 4.

62. I love the celebrative spirit of this chapter--"Look! Your Savior comes."

63. Coming back to God with repentant hearts is a beautiful, yet heart-broken experience.

64. It's hard to believe a God would work on my behalf, the sinner I am.

65. If wolf and lamb will graze in the same field one day, I wonder if the same will be true for a Tiger and a Gamecock.

66. I think one of the things that angers God the most is surface worship, worship from people whose lives are not sold out to Him.

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Here is part 3 of my chapter by chapter journal through Isaiah from The Message Bible.

31. What a great promise in verse 3. God always does what He says.

32. Days of deep trial cause lots of tears. Keep weeping in grief until God pours out His Spirit.

33. God asks us to raise our standard of living--and He's not talking about money.

34. All the evil in our world...God allows it all. He allows nations to bring judgment upon themselves.

35. No matter what you're going through, there is cause for hope because God is present. He's on His way to make things right.

36. There will always be forces from the outside seeking to destroy/discourage the people of God.

37. Quick summary--You've got a lot better chance of victory when you let God fight your battles.

38. God told Isaiah to tell Hezekiah, "I have my hand on this city." That's my prayer for Chapin--that God's hand would be on our city.

39. Hezekiah was a great king...but showing his foreign guests all the treasures in the palace? Not too bright.

40. I never grow tired of reading this whole chapter, especially verses 27-31. One of the most comforting chapters in the whole Bible.

41. God has a firm grip on me and won't let go. Very assuring and comforting words when the load is great.

42. Great promise in verse 15. God will be my personal guide when I don't know the way. He will lead me through unknown country.

43. Another big chunk of great promises. When I'm in over my head, God will be with me. When I'm between a rock and a hard place, it won't be a dead end.

44. I love this section of Isaiah--filled with words of comfort and encouragement. Verse 22--God has wiped the slate of my sins clean. Hallelujah!

45. God ALWAYS does what He says.

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