Saturday, September 19, 2009


Here is my journal from my read through 2 Peter from the Message Bible.

Chapter 1

  • Greatest invitation I have ever received is the night my pastor Cort Flint invited me to give my life to Christ.

  • The Bible's promises are my tickets to participate fully in the life God has designed for me.

  • God expects every believer to grow to full maturity in Christ.

  • Will the people of CBC be fully equipped to keep moving forward after I retire/die?

Chapter 2

  • If you're a church leader earnestly seeking to follow the will of God in your life and in His church, there will always be those who are out to "get you."

  • God is the one who will bring antagonists to His judgment seat. Let Him do His work His way without trying to be the judge yourself.

  • Just because antagonists are "loudmouths, full of hot air" doesn't mean they aren't dangerous. They are.

Chapter 3

  • God is delaying His final judgment and Christ's return in order to give more people the opportunities to repent. He doesn't want any lost. Nor should we.

  • To establish the new heaven and earth at the end of time, God must get rid of the old.

  • Live as if Jesus is coming back today. In other words, live holy lives.

  • Two things I need to grow in: grace and understanding Jesus Christ.

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